Lena Esmail

Championing Healthcare: Lena Esmail's Trailblazing Journey

Discover the inspiring journey of Lena Esmail, a trailblazer in healthcare innovation. From her roots at Liberty High School to earning a doctorate in nursing practice, Lena’s commitment to excellence shines through. As the driving force behind QuickMed, she’s revolutionizing healthcare accessibility across Ohio. Join us as we celebrate Lena’s passion for community service and her transformative impact on healthcare delivery.

Lena Esmail

About Lena

Raised on the North Side and seasoned by diverse experiences along Belmont Avenue, Lena Esmail’s journey epitomizes the fusion of education and community service. A graduate of Liberty High School’s class of 2004, Lena pursued a path of academic excellence, earning dual baccalaureates in nursing and biology from Youngstown State University. Her thirst for knowledge propelled her to obtain a master’s in nursing from Ursuline College, followed by a post-master’s certificate in critical care nursing from YSU. Undeterred by the rigors of academia, Lena attained the pinnacle of her educational pursuits with a doctorate in nursing practice from Kent State University.

Her accolades speak volumes of her dedication, as she was recognized as one of YSU’s distinguished alumni from the Bitonte College of Health and Human Services. Lena humbly acknowledges the pivotal role her alma mater played in shaping her professional trajectory, considering the accolade a testament to the symbiotic relationship between education and community advancement.

At the helm of QuickMed, Lena orchestrates a transformative approach to healthcare delivery, anchored in accessibility and excellence. Through a novel model leveraging advanced practice providers, QuickMed extends its reach beyond traditional confines, encompassing urgent care, primary care, and in-school clinics. This innovative paradigm resonates with Lena’s ethos of empowering communities through localized interventions.

QuickMed’s footprint spans across the region, with clinics in Akron, Austintown, Columbiana, Cortland, Medina, Strongsville, Warren, Ravenna, and its inaugural site in Liberty. Each clinic epitomizes Lena’s vision of healthcare democratization, transcending geographical barriers to deliver compassionate and comprehensive care to all.